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Join a Band

FellowshipIf you have been exploring the vision of Inspire, and would like to become a wayfarer, then you should think about participating in a fellowship band.

Where possible, we encourage you to consider forming a new band.

If it is not feasible to form a new band, contact us directly to explore the possibility of joining an existing band, or being linked up with other interested people in your area.

If you have already been in touch with an existing band in your area, and hoping to join them, please contact us so that you can be registered as a wayfarer.

Introducing Inspire


“I feel more confident in who I am as a Christian but also as a leader in Christian ministry.”

“Using this format (fellowship band), and the ideas from Inspire has been the most formative and indeed inspiring ‘thing’ for want of a better word, that I have been part of for years.”

“Thanks so much for the teaching sessions this year. I found them inspirational and I love the discussion format – it really engages those present, and we learn so much more than listening to a talk. It is one of the few places that ministers get “fed” and so is very valuable to us”

“No matter how tired I have been going to these sessions I have always come away spiritually encouraged, refreshed and enthused to continue on in God’s mission wherever I am.”


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