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Developing the Spiritual Life of Mission-Shaped Disciples

Inspire Movement

We are an ecumenical and international network of ordinary Christians who practice mission as a way of life, rooted in the love of God and neighbour. We seek a passionate spirituality that abides deeply with God and lives missionally in the world.

Upcoming Events



Steering Group Retreat

Steering Group is the governing body of the Inspire Movement. It includes our Trustees, and the whole Group is responsible for providing support and direction to the Movement as a whole. The Steering Group has made it a practice to go on retreat together each year, to renew itself as a spiritual fellowship, and to listen for God's leading. The leader of our Prayer Team, and organiser of the retreat, offers the following reflections: 'On the weekend of June 22nd, the Group had a wonderful retreat along with some of our families at the Westwood Christian Centre just outside Huddersfield. Our hosts made feel really welcome and they also joined us as strangers in our midst for our sessions which was a real blessing. It is hard to sum up a weekend in just a few words, but it was a time of encounter and blessing as God met with us and dwelt among us. We had time and space to worship and reflect, to be challenged and re-visioned, to minister to each other as the Spirit led us, to laugh and cry, to breathe in the beauty of God's creation all around us, to be still and to listen, to be renewed, refreshed and restored. In that place of God's welcome we rediscovered what it means to be a fellowship of co-workers, united in the love of Christ and in service to the Inspire Movement'.


Prophetic Prayer Day

Very excited to have 39 people gathered at our first prophetic prayer on 31 May, hosted by Rising Brook Baptist Church. We are thankful for our Inspire missioners, Cath Hill and David Hull who organised the day, to include teaching on prophecy from Jenny Campbell, as well as leading people into the exercise of this gift. Cath is the leader of our Inspire Prayer Team, and is moving us deeper into prophetic prayer. Do contact us if you are interested in prophetic prayer, and especially for the future development of the Inspire Movement.


Church Planting from the Inside-Out

Phil Meadows was in Washington DC on 30 May offering some training for the V3 Network of church planters, led by JR Woodward. Phil was invited to talk about the nature and multiplication of intimate, personal and social space within the life of a growing church. His talks on church planting from the inside-out explored how the 'intimate space' of fellowship band could be key to the generation of zeal in discipleship and leadership that overflows in other kinds of small groups and gatherings with a missional edge. A great group of people, and very exciting to have conversations around the vision of Inspire with folks from a real diversity of contexts and ministries. Well blessed!

Be Inspired

The lyrics of the Casting Crowns song, I Will Praise You in the Storm, are all about intimacy with God in action. They speak of a God who is the great 'I Am' , no matter where we are, or what circumstances we are in. The lyrics urge us to turn our eyes towards Him, knowing that our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth (Ps 121).