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Developing the Spiritual Life of Mission-Shaped Disciples

Inspire Movement

We are an ecumenical and international network of ordinary Christians who practice mission as a way of life, rooted in the love of God and neighbour. We seek a passionate spirituality that abides deeply with God and lives missionally in the world.



Inspire in the USA

Phil Meadows is just back from a trip to the USA. First stop was Atlanta, Georgia, to work with Snellville United Methodist Church, and to lead a men's retreat, in the mountains of North Carolina, on the topic of spiritual leadership. Phil was working with Inspire missioner, David Whitworth, to deliver the retreat. After the retreat Phil and David travelled up to Boise, Idaho, and then to Northwest Nazarene University for the Wesleyan Theological Society meeting. Phil and David were joined by Brian Yeich, another Inspire missioner from Kentucky,  in presenting papers at a new group on 'Discipleship: Wesleyan and Missional'. The room was packed out, indicating the level of interest in the kind of topics that Inspire is all about. Exciting times!


Happy New Year

Praying that all our fellow travellers on the Inspire journey of discipleship will have a blessed new year. Let us choose to stake our lives on the kingdom, so that by this time next year, we will have stories to tell of God's amazing goodness and grace.


Peace and power, in the name of Jesus, The Inspire Team


Inspire in Ireland

Inspire will be working with the Methodist Church in Ireland over the next two years to help people understand the vision for mission-shaped discipleship and meeting in fellowship bands. Phil Meadows was in Ireland over the last week, talking with District Superintendents, holding Intro to Inspire sessions in Belfast and Dublin, and meeting up with various key leaders. God is generally stirring up a new season in the life of the Church, and Inspire is one opportunity for people to engage in the renewal and mission that He is bringing. Phil was very encouraged and surprised by the strength of participation, and the first steps that many people will be making to join us in this adventure of discipleship that we call Inspire.

Be Inspired

The lyrics of the Casting Crowns song, I Will Praise You in the Storm, are all about intimacy with God in action. They speak of a God who is the great 'I Am' , no matter where we are, or what circumstances we are in. The lyrics urge us to turn our eyes towards Him, knowing that our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth (Ps 121).