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Registering with Inspire

Registering on the Inspire website indicates that you want to participate in the Movement by actively exploring our vision for mission-shaped discipleship, in two ways:

  • Trying out the Inspire way of life as a means of personal spiritual growth. Once you have registered as an explorer, you will be able to download additional resources from the website to help you reflect on the way of life.
  • Beginning to consider prayerfully the next step of forming an Inspire fellowship band with two or three friends. Registering as an explorer will allow you to download resources to help you form a band.

If you would prefer, you can simply sign up for our e-newsletter by clicking here.

Please note that when you register as an explorer we will start to send you our monthly e-newsletter, and you may occasionally receive email notifications from the website about Inspire events and training opportunities. You will be able to manage these subscriptions through your personal profile on the site.

Click here to proceed to the registration page.

Introducing Inspire


“Using this format (fellowship band), and the ideas from Inspire has been the most formative and indeed inspiring ‘thing’ for want of a better word, that I have been part of for years.”

“Thanks so much for the teaching sessions this year. I found them inspirational and I love the discussion format – it really engages those present, and we learn so much more than listening to a talk. It is one of the few places that ministers get “fed” and so is very valuable to us”

“No matter how tired I have been going to these sessions I have always come away spiritually encouraged, refreshed and enthused to continue on in God’s mission wherever I am.”

“I feel more confident in who I am as a Christian but also as a leader in Christian ministry.”


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