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Discipleship Training

Our discipleship training is typically delivered as a series of sessions by Missioner Teams, but individual sessions may be delivered upon request. All the training can be delivered in evening, half-day, or full-day formats. We can also teach any series as a learning community, which is generally the most formative. Click here if you would like to arrange training in your context…

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Discipleship Pathway BlueDiscipleship as a Way of Life


SeekingGrowth3Session #1:  Longing for More of God

Seeking growth, the secret of spiritual hunger, and living from our longings

UsingDisciplines3Session #2:  Staying Connected to Grace

Using spiritual disciplines as means of grace, and practicing the presence of God in daily life

SharingFellowship3Session #3:  Investing in Spiritual Friendships

Sharing fellowship, the dynamics of group spiritual direction, and mentoring one another as disciples

EngagingMission3Session #4:  Following God’s Lead

Engaging Mission, sensing the impulses of the Spirit, and surrendering to his movements

Discipleship Pathway BlueMission-Shaped Practices


Session #1:  Listening to God

Session #2:  Fasting and Abstinence

Session #3:  Spiritual Guidance

Session #4:  Sharing the Faith

Introducing Inspire


“Using this format (fellowship band), and the ideas from Inspire has been the most formative and indeed inspiring ‘thing’ for want of a better word, that I have been part of for years.”

“No matter how tired I have been going to these sessions I have always come away spiritually encouraged, refreshed and enthused to continue on in God’s mission wherever I am.”

“I feel more confident in who I am as a Christian but also as a leader in Christian ministry.”

“Thanks so much for the teaching sessions this year. I found them inspirational and I love the discussion format – it really engages those present, and we learn so much more than listening to a talk. It is one of the few places that ministers get “fed” and so is very valuable to us”


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