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A Pound in the Pot

The GB Core Team have been thinking about how to encourage regular giving to Inspire. One of the ideas was to ask people to donate £1 every Band meeting. I thought this was a great idea and decided to call it ‘a pound in the pot’! Every time we meet together we each put a pound in a collecting pot. 

Covid here in the UK means we are now in lockdown so cannot meet in person. But here is my pot ready!

And my fellowship band are so thankful for our band that they have decided to still do it individually each time we meet on Zoom! They keep their own giving pot ready and we remind one another as we begin our meeting.

It’s amazing how small gifts mount up. There are 3 of us and we meet fortnightly (every two weeks). We won’t wait a year to give it to Inspire, but over one year that will raise £78. It will bless Inspire and it blesses us as we pause and give with thanksgiving.

How could your Fellowship Band support the work of Inspire regularly?

Liz in an Inspire Missioner based in Chesterfield, UK. She serves on the Inspire GB Core Team.

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