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A Season of Devotion

The Way of Life is a life of devotion to God. A life of love, loyalty, enthusiasm, profound dedication, of worship. 

A devotional habit, is not merely a time of day that you set aside to read your bible and pray. It is training yourself to turn to God in all things, at all times. 

When you rejoice, turn your joy to Jesus.
When you weep, know the Father’s embrace.
When you are afraid, hide in the shadow of God’s wings.
When you dance, dance before the Lord with all your might.
When you sing, sing a new song.
When you are tired, rest on the Lord.

As we enter into Advent, and we begin to sing the well known refrain, “O come let us adore him”, let us turn to God. Come before our Lord, who humbled himself to come to walk on earth with us, and bring him adoration.

  • Seek God anew. (Seeking Growth)
  • Set aside time for fasting, prayer, and bible study. (Using Disciplines) 
  • Reach out to our neighbours, and all those who we meet to shine the light of Christ. (Engaging Mission) 
  • Gather together to share in the fellowship that God set into motion, singing together “O come let us adore him.” (Sharing Fellowship)

Tabitha is a Missioner in England

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