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April Angels – Easter Joy

Peter, Inspire Missioner in Ireland, was reflecting on how we grieve recently. He came across this poem in his Christian poetry collection. “I like it because it is honest in naming our thoughts and feelings of grief… an ‘insensate winter’. Yet the second 2 verses are about what we ‘wait’ for…the ‘April angels” point to our Easter hope.”

The Grave Grows Firm with Grasses
(Revelation 2:17)

The grave grows firm with grasses;
the feared leaves lie down.
Then even summer withers
and we are left alone

in the insensate winter
which whitens all the mind
and drives us deep for moments
in always underground

to wait the many mansions
where avenues are full
of all the shining people
who loved and wished us well.

Till then, each gravestone naming
each name stands high and glad
and gleams – an April angel
that smiles and shakes his head.

James E Warren Jr
The Lion Christian Poetry Collection. Lion Publishing (1995) Compiled by Mary Batchelor.

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