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Beyond Expectation

In August, our church gathered together for worship one Sunday morning in our Fellowship Hall.  A key part of the time was the shared meal with table conversation and prayer.  We weren’t really sure what to expect.

Would taking the concepts from our regular mid-week (Inspire) House Fellowship and tweaking them to fit our context work on Sunday morning? How many people would show up? Would we have enough food?

In the end, we had plenty of all and met Jesus at the table in some really beautiful ways.  

Those who participated had very positive reviews with a few vowing to bring friends or family when we try it again in September. Some folks even agreed to come to a daytime, soul sharing group that meets every other week.  

Personally, it was such an answer to many prayers for our church and my family.  Two years ago, I couldn’t have envisioned doing something like this.  One year ago, I doubted it would ever be possible on Sunday morning. But, we’re grateful for what the Lord is doing here and looking forward to what’s ahead as we continue to seek him.

Stephen is a local pastor and Inspire Missioner in Kingsport, TN, USA

If you would like to know more about Inspire House Fellowships and how they are being used to revitalise congregations and start new church plants, get in touch with us.

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