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Big Emotions

Everyone in the world is facing big emotions right now! Big emotions take time, space and energy to deal with. For some people this will be the first time they have had to deal with such big emotions, for others it is too close for comfort to memories of difficult situations. 

Zoë Clarke-Coates, CEO of The Mariposa Trust ( recently wrote: “I am constantly told by people that they don’t know what grief feels like, as they have never lost someone they love. But right now, pause, be still. Look around you and you will see the world is unravelling. No one has a clue what tomorrow may look like. Fear has gripped the land, and nothing feels under control. That feeling, that sadness you are experiencing over the planet being forever changed, that is grief. Right now, you are getting a very small glimpse into the life of a bereaved person.”

Why am I talking about grief when we are facing a global pandemic!?
When our son Boaz was stillborn in the summer of 2019, I felt all those things Zoë mentioned and more! As people are getting a small glimpse into grief…allow me to give you a small glimpse into how I coped. 

Tell God everything… He is big enough to handle your big emotions. He loves it when his children come to him even if they are cross, sad, confused, hurting or anything in-between!

Tell a few others everything… I’m not suggesting you broadcast your big emotions to the whole of the internet or your entire friendship group. But look out for those two or three other people that God drops into your path that you can be honest with. They may not be the people you expect but being open with people about how you are feeling allows God to use them to minister to you.

Allow yourself to be used by God… Don’t be surprised if God uses you whilst you deal with big emotions. There is real power in praying from a position of pain and weakness. The enemy would like nothing more than for us to give up and focus on our pain. If we can reach out and pray for others in our pain not only does it tell the enemy where to go but it allows God to fill you and release gifts you may not realise you have been given.

I’m not saying it’s easy!! But it is definitely possible. During these times of big emotion maybe we all need to be telling God how we feel, being willing to share or making ourselves available for those who want to share with us and looking for opportunities to serve and be used by God. 

Rachel is an Inspire Missioner and the Prayer Coordinator for the Inspire Movement.

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