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Stop Doing That

Sometimes when God speaks to one person, the Word can speak to many. We received this reflection recently and felt that it was meant for… Read More »Stop Doing That

Rooted In…?

As we walked along the trail at the edge of the forest there were so many huge trees that had been blown down. They had stood… Read More »Rooted In…?

Topped Mountain

On the February day of fasting and prayer I climbed ‘Topped Mountain’ (a small hill in Fermanagh, Ireland) with my friend David as part of… Read More »Topped Mountain

Sweeter Than Honey

Liz is an Inspire Missioner in N.Ireland. She recorded a beautiful encouragement at Christmas-time. She reflects on how their March trip to the Holy Land and… Read More »Sweeter Than Honey


Stephen is the son of Robin an Inspire Missioner in Enniskillen, N.Ireland. He was awarded “Best Documentary” by the Broadcast Journalism Training Council for a… Read More »Varenaphilia

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