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Cause for Celebration

Easter 2021

As we approach a second Easter in the throws of a pandemic how are you planning to celebrate? 

After a lifetime in ‘church’ I have found the last 12 months a bit of a challenge. Before the pandemic hit I was beginning to wonder if church meant something different to what we did on a Sunday morning. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for the gathered body of believers joining in worship and learning together, but there has to be another way of doing or being church or else the enemy has won during this pandemic. A reflection was written this time last year posing the question ‘what and where is church?’ 

As we approach a second Easter in the throws of a pandemic we need to remember the point Archbishop Sentemu made. Jesus’ first appearance in his resurrection body was in a garden, then on a road, on a beach, on a hillside, admittedly he also appeared in the upper room but it was only to 10 people. I think it is more than a happy coincidence that the restrictions in England which have been very tight since January have lifted enough that we can now meet in private gardens in groups up to 6! Sounds like a perfect place for the resurrected Jesus to appear to his followers!!! 

As we enter Easter still in the throws of a pandemic who are you going to invite into your garden this Easter…actually more importantly…who are you going to invite into the presence of the resurrected Jesus this Easter?!!

Rachel is an Inspire Missioner and co-editor of the Beacon of Hope

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