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Dec 15: Jesus is High Priest

While Shepherds Watch…


Luke 2:8-12


The most important message of history, the promised Messiah coming into the world, was first announced to the shepherds in the fields. Why do you think God didn’t send the heavenly host to the rich and famous?

Think of as many ways of communicating with someone as possible. How would you tell something really important or exciting?…Bet you didn’t think of a heavenly host!

Close your eyes and imagine a dark hillside. Maybe with only a small fire on it. Now imagine a city at night full of dazzling lights. In which setting do you think that the angels would have been seen best?

Sometimes there is so much going on, we are so busy that we forget to look up and see what God is doing.


Names of Jesus #15 ~ The High Priest

Today’s promise

“We have a great High Priest. He is Jesus, the Son of God. We have a High Priest who can feel it when we are weak and hurting. He has been tempted in every way just as we are. But he did not sin. So let us boldly approach the throne of grace. The we will receive mercy. We will find grace to help us when we need it.” Hebrews 4:14-16


Father God, thank you that through Jesus we can know you. For your glory may we make you known to those in this world who do not know you. Amen

Extract from: Counting Down to Christmas with Jesus, by Tabitha Heathcote, illustrated by Katie Meadows. Inspire Movement Publishing, 2020

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