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Dec 16: Jesus is the Anointed One

Glory to God


Luke 2:13-15


Jesus came into the world, and there was rejoicing in the heaven, and in the fields!

That night the shepherds saw the Glory of God, but they didn’t just sit back and go, “Wow, what a night!” Instead they leapt up and ran to go and see the Jesus. They didn’t hesitate, but hurried. Because they didn’t wait they didn’t miss out. They didn’t just sit back and watch the show, they went and met the cast.

They didn’t settle for half the story, but became a part of the
story. God calls us to
be a part of His story too.

Are you just watching the show? Or are you joining in the greatest story ever told?!


Names of Jesus #15 ~ The Anointed One

Today’s promise

“Your holy servant Jesus. He is the One you Anointed.” Acts 4:27


“Jesus, Jesus. Holy and anointed One. Jesus, Jesus. Risen and exalted One. Jesus, Jesus. Your Name is like honey on my lips. Your Spirit like water to my soul. Your Word is a lamp unto my feet. Jesus, I love You, I love You.” Amen
Lyrics from: Holy and Anointed One, John Barnett

Extract from: Counting Down to Christmas with Jesus, by Tabitha Heathcote, illustrated by Katie Meadows. Inspire Movement Publishing, 2020

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