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East of Eden

In the Garden I was formed by your hands 
While we walked you told me of your plans 
When I was lonely you made new life
She is Eve and you formed her from my side

All that surrounded was good to eat 
All things desirable for us to meet 
And then one day the serpent we did trust 
That fruit was surely the death of us 

East of Eden
Is where we roam
East of eden 
Away from home
East of Eden
Driven from bliss
East of Eden
Howd it end like this

Our eyes were opened to the truth 
Fig leaves and nakedness were the proof 
You came calling wondering where we’d been
You knew all along we’d stepped into sin

Now in our wanderings (and bondage) we await
The promised one the Lamb of God
Under his heel the Serpent will be crushed
His death will be the gate for us, Into Eden.

And God said I will know you,
I will clothe you, 
And I’ll put all your shame onto my Son. 
He will lead you, 
He will guide you, 
And He’ll prepare a place for when your time has come.

© William Mansfield, 2020

William has recently been prompted by the Holy Spirit to review words that that the Lord has given him for songs. And they are working on them together! When he shared them at an Inspire House Church recently, we asked him if we could share them with you, even though they are not yet perfected. We hope the words will bless you.

William also recorded them on Youtube so you can hear him sing them here: EAST OF EDEN

You can read more of William’s songs here:

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