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Fast and Pray Fridays

Friday 27 March is our monthly day of fasting and prayer. We encourage you to practice the discipline of fasting and/or abstinence to help you focus more on Jesus, and resist the temptations to forget who you are and whose you.

As we pray on this day, and through the coming weeks, we are focusing on: 

Fasting as a Missional Practice – in Prayer

  • How do we fast and pray for ourselves on behalf of others? 
  • How might we offer a fast for someone’s healing? 
  • How do we use fasting to help us practice the presence of Jesus? 
  • What does it mean for us to share the Lord’s heart for someone through our fasting?

Fasting/Abstinence as a Missional Practice – in Giving

  • Fast from a meal, and give the food to a neighbour.
  • Fast from Facebook, and go visit with someone, even if that has to be waving at them through the window, or leaving them a meal on their doorstep! 
  • Fast from television, and make something to give to someone (bake a cake, write a letter of encouragement, make a poster to display scripture on your window…)
  • Fast from smart phone apps, and call someone on the phone to pray with them.

Fasting as a Missional Practice – to Challenge Fear

  • How do we embody the Good News in the hopeless world we find ourselves in right now? (See article ‘Call to Prayer‘)

Do you have other ideas about how you can focus on Jesus more through fasting and abstinence? What difference does prayer and fasting makes in your missional life with Jesus? Share your thoughts with us. And remember to send us anything you think the Lord might saying to you for Inspire:  [email protected]

Mark your calendar for the last Friday of the month to fast and pray with us: 

27 March    24 April    29 May    26 June    24 July

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