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Following Jesus

I recently walked along a path that was rough and twisted. I couldn’t see where the path was going to end. It just seemed to disappear. But that didn’t seem to matter because it was so beautiful with daisies overflowing from the edges.

It reminded me of the path we follow with Jesus. He never promised a straight, easy going path, but He does promise life and blessing. No matter how much uncertainty there is, when we follow the way of Jesus there is life in all its fullness. Thank you Lord. 

Tabitha is an Inspire Missioner in England

Tabitha’s reflection, above, reminded us of an old song.  Maybe you could use these words as a prayer this week.

When The Road Is Rough And Steep
Fix Your Eyes Upon Jesus
He Alone Has Power To Keep
Fix Your Eyes Upon Him
Jesus Is A Gracious Friend
One On Whom You Can Depend
He Is Faithful To The End
Fix Your Eyes Upon Him

1943 Curb Wordspring Music 

You can listen to a version of the song HERE

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