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Gathered and Scattered

Updates from Inspire Training and Fellowships

Malaysia – August 2019

Towards the end of August, Phil and Samantha Meadows visited the Methodist Theological School in Sibu, Malaysia, where Phil was teaching the vision of Inspire for missional discipleship at the 10th Wesleyan Seminar.

The participants were students, pastors, and church leaders from Sibu, West Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Singapore. The seminar was translated into 3 languages, not including the English Phil spoke! It was powerful time of teaching and sharing.

Phil teaching with translator Tik Wah. It was a sight to behold as they worked together in the Spirit.
As at all our Inspire training, we gave them an experience of fellowship bands. Many lives were transformed.

Phil also preached at 2 services on the Sunday, the first at 7:30 a.m. after which people came forward for prayer and anointing with oil. An hour after the end of service Phil and Sam were still praying with people and the Chinese speaking service that followed had to delay its start as people coming in joined the queue for prayer! After the service in the afternoon, there were more people coming forward for prayer. Phil and Sam must have prayed for more than 200 people that day.

Many lovely friendships were formed and the fellowship in the Spirit was sweet. We are trusting for fruitfulness and waiting on the Lord for if/how things might develop.

They made Phil and Samantha traditional tailor made Sarawak clothes and presented them with a gift of Sarawak pepper

Wilmore – September 2019

We led a day retreat to introduce the Inspire vision for missional discipleship and fellowship bands. 20 people joined us for the teaching, conversation and sharing in band. Some were students from Asbury Seminary, there were also people from the local area, and we had visitors from St Louis, Missouri and from Pennsylvania.

From the feedback we received, we were encouraged that people were convicted of the importance of fellowship band as a way of abiding more deeply with God, and went home to pray about who to start a band with. Some were also challenged to rethink the established norms of doing church. And we were pleased to hear from someone who felt there was nothing we could do to improve our training because, “It was really well done” and “One of the best balances of information, thinking and doing I have ever seen in a training.”

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