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  • Costly Good News

    Costly Good News

    Are you sharing the Good News?  Chester is a small city in the Northwest of the United Kingdom, an hour from Manchester and on the boarder of North Wales. The city is enclosed in Roman walls and even boasts its own coliseum! If you walk round the city on the walls at the moment you…

  • Mothering Sunday

    Mothering Sunday

    Happy Mother’s Day! Don’t panic if you are in the USA or other countries, you haven’t missed something; your Mother’s Day is in May. Today is Mother’s Day in the UK. We have a special prayer to share with you, wherever you are.  Whilst lots of people will enjoy the secular celebration of mothers and motherhood…

  • Bill’s Blessing

    Bill’s Blessing

    An old man came to say hello to me when we were visiting our daughter Tabitha’s church on Sunday. He introduced himself as Bill and then, as happens very often, the conversation started with, ‘You must be Tabitha’s mum because you look so alike.’ He went on to tell me how wonderful she is (also usual when people…

  • Inspire in Garstang

    Inspire in Garstang

    Has God ever caught you out? I don’t mean convicting you of sin, although I know he does that and it can feel a bit exposing. I mean you go into a situation thinking you know what God wants you to do and you maybe even have an idea of the outcome of it but…

  • Cliff Year House Fellowship

    Having taken part in the first House Fellowship Cohort in Autumn 2021/Spring 2022 Matt and I were enthused to begin facilitating our own house fellowship. As the cohort was progressing we thought about a few combinations of people we could invite to take part in an experimental house fellowship with us. Each time we prepared…

  • Are You Aware Of Being Sent Into Daily Life By Jesus?

    A common mistake believers can make is waiting to be sent ‘on mission’. As a teenager I knew we were called to be Christians all the time but to actually go on mission was different, or so I thought.  I spent many an afternoon ‘on mission’ in Leeds as we did community clean up days…

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