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God Offers Hope for Us

“This year, many of the traditions and routines that make Christmas feel special are not going to be possible. But, perhaps that is not a bad thing. Maybe it will give us a chance to think about the simple but unbelievably powerful story that lies hidden amongst the tinsel and the presents…

And there is hope! Not the wish for better times or the momentary bliss of feasting and drinking. Not even the anticipation of meeting with fellow believers. This is a hope rooted in the rugged certainty of the nativity. The unshakeable fact that the messiah was born and that He is with us now if only we will welcome Him. And even as so many of our traditions are disrupted and we are compelled to solitude and reflection, the light of the world radiates ever more brightly. Beautiful in its simplicity. undiminished by the loss of its wrappings. He hears our angry raging and our silent pleas. He sees our striving, understands our fears. He sees the emptiness we try so hard to hide and, as only a father can, he hears the cries of our hearts they represent….

[Jesus whispers] …. Come to me without pretence even as I came without glory or title. Give me all you are even as I gave myself for you. Do not hide in the shadows but step into my light. Lay down your pretence and your masks and dare to be seen as I see you. Surrender to me even as I gave everything for you. Release the prayer of your heart. Give it your breath. Let it be heard.”

© Mark Bucahnan, Extract from O come Immanuel: God offers hope for us

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