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Hope and Encouragement

The Inspire Beacon of Hope is our weekly Inspire-d reflections direct to your inbox to help you to stay connected with Jesus every day, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. 

Here are testimonies from our readers:

  • “Simply want to thank you SO much for your Inspire Beacon of Hope emails. They have indeed inspired me over many months, but 2 recent ones have particularly touched me.Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you and use you through this ministry.”
  • “I just love the way the Lord draws things together from different sources and reinforces His message to us in various ways – sometimes because we have not been listening well, sometimes we need reassurance, and sometimes it helps us to “join the dots” in what is being said with what is going on in our lives. There have been several times when the Beacon of Hope has been part of that for me – thank you again for this ministry.”
  • “Since I started engaging with my fellowship band and with the Beacon of Hope I have listened to God more, grown in my motivation to connect with God and grown in my expectancy that God will speak and act. I really appreciate these discipleship resources. Thank you Inspire team!”
  • “Lots of the BoHs have encouraged me and God’s spoken through them. I found the recent image of the garden really helpful and the seeds metaphor really linked up with other seeds Bible passages that day and week and garden related ways God had spoken to me, so be encouraged that God’s using these for His glory.”
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