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Hope Is Marching On

In the second ever edition of the Beacon of Hope I wrote a reflection called ‘Big Emotions’. It was based on a quote comparing the big emotions everyone was feeling about the pandemic to feelings of grief. I shared how I learnt to cope with the overwhelming grief of my son being stillborn in the hope that it may help others process some of their feelings surrounding the pandemic.

A year on I still struggle with overwhelming grief sometimes, the pandemic is still going on, life has still not returned to normal but the Beacon of Hope is not short of material!! Why?? Because hope is marching on!!

At our son’s funeral we listened to a song called ‘Hope is Marching On’ by Matt Redman. I share it here as an encouragement. Not to belittle the deep grief people are feeling because of losing loved ones in the pandemic, or to diminish the sorrow of not seeing family, I definitely don’t share it as a way of saying, ‘There, there. Cheer up’!  We may be feeling bedraggled and faltering. Our get up and go might have got up and gone. But hope is not straggling on at the back. It is not dragging its feet reluctant to come forward. It isn’t limp or lame or left behind. Hope is marching on.

To march you can’t be half hearted, you have to move with purpose and determination. To march means going forward with a purpose and a plan. You can’t march aimlessly. You can’t march haphazardly. Marching is measured, regular, purposeful and dependable.

Sometimes, music has a way of bypassing my brain and speaking directly to my heart. This song does just that. The verses don’t shy away from the pain that there can be in this life, the deep hurts and wounds but I love the refrain:

‘Your love, it keeps on lifting me and your hope is marching on. 
Your mercy surely carries me and your hope is marching on’.


Rachel is wife to Matt, and mother to 9 month old Zoe and Boaz who lives forever with Jesus. 

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