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How are you today? What’s the matter?

Inspired by my three year old.

Children learn best through repetition. Have you ever been at the end of a persistent question? A classic example is, “But why?” It can be so frustrating when you are trapped in what seems to be a never ending loop: “Because….” “But why?” “Because… “But why? 

Pause and take a step back. See how God is shaping your child in that moment. 

Every question they ask, no matter how irritating, expresses their hunger. Hunger for knowledge, for boundaries, for God. Every answer you give gets stored up within them, shaping them (which can be a scary thought!) Whatever question cycle that you are caught in at the moment, step back and ask yourself, “How could this feed the spiritual hunger in my child, and help them to grow in God?” Sometimes this will be answering the question they ask. Other times it might mean being more creative, re-wording their question, or maybe asking a question back. 

Malachi is 3. He has two questions that he asks continually through the day at the moment. “How are you today?” and “What’s the matter?” 

I have felt challenged by God that my answer should not just be, “I’m fine thank you, how are you?” I should use this as an opportunity to share a God moment. “I am feeling thankful for…. Shall we shout ‘Hallelujah’?”, “I am feeling worried about… but God is with me” and so on. 

And I have found myself being really blessed through this. My “I’m fine” (or not) moments/days are turning into encounters with Jesus. Malachi is experiencing more of God too, and not just through my responses. He is also beginning to express his own encounters with Jesus, through the answers he gives to his own questions, “How are you today?” and “What’s the matter?”

So today, when someone asks you, “How are you today?”, hold back on the generic quick response of “I’m fine thank you, how are you?” Pause. Turn to God and ask Him, “How AM I today?” You may find that your answer gives the person who asked you the question an encounter with Jesus. 

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