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Last week I was attending the Celebration of Fellowship organised by the Inspire GB Core Team. It was the first in-person gathering of Inspire in the UK in over 18 months and it was a wonderful day. You can read more about it later in the Beacon of Hope, e-News and Prayer Bowl. But for this story I am thinking of two remarkable ladies that were also at that gathering.

I first met one of the ladies in 2004 when we moved from Chicago, USA to Derbyshire, England. She organised the local toddler group. With our 10 month old son as my excuse, I joined in 🙂 I would never have imagined that 17 years later I would have been sitting in a garden with her, celebrating the way the Lord has worked in and through our lives. She was, and still is, an incredible networker. As we sat together last week the Lord reminded me of all the ways she demonstrated what it means to patiently persevre with friendships for the sake the Kingdom. She welcomes people and loves them just as they are, but she also encourages them to know Jesus and she never gives up. She still meets occasionally with some of the mums from the toddler group of 17 years ago and connects with lots of people she has nurtured since then. More people than we might ever know have been transformed by Jesus in big and small ways because of her friendship and the power of her prayers. She would probably say that she often feels insignificant, but I know that she is a magnificent part of God’s Kingdom purposes. 

I confess that I can’t actually remember how long I have known one of the other ladies, which could be a sign of my ageing memory! Until last week, I had only met her in person one other time at an Inspire Prayer retreat many years ago. I’ve connected with her via messaging, email and online courses. She has been a part of the Inspire Prayer team from when it first began and she has faithfully prayed for, and with, Inspire all these years. Sometimes she senses the Lord giving her a picture or insight for me/us/Inspire and she humbly shares it with me. It is always exactly what the Lord needs us to see/hear at exactly the right time! As I marvelled at seeing her sat in the garden with me last week, I was overwhelmed with just how amazing our God is that He would bring her into my life and bless Inspire through her in ways seen and unseen. And right before she left to go home, she offered me a picture that she felt she had for me – and it was spot on with what the Lord had been saying to me that day! She would probably say that she often feels insignificant, but I know that her gentle spirit and humble heart make her prayers all the more powerful.

Never underestimate your significance in the Kingdom. When we trust in the Lord and follow the leading of His Spirit, His Kingdom will come wherever we are. 

Samantha is an Inspire Missioner, wherever she is (currently in the UK)! 

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