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Invitation to Prayer

C.S Lewis said, “Prayer is the only weapon in our arsenal that we can be confident in. We can put the gospel on the radio and they’ll switch off, we can knock on the door and have it shut, we can even bring them into church for them to stare at the rafters, but every time we pray it is an arrow that strikes home.”

I would like to invite you to join us to gather together in prayer to:

  • Tell God how amazing he is and thank him for all He has done
  • Seek His voice and listen for what He wants to reveal/say/give to us
  • Ask Him to be with us and guide us as we work withHim to bring light, hope and peace in the world around us.

We are going to be meeting on Zoom four times this year. If you would like to join in you can READ MORE HERE, or contact me at: [email protected]

Even if you can’t join us in meeting, I hope you will continue to pray for the Inspire Movement.

Blessings, Rachel (Prayer Coordinator for the Inspire Movement)

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