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  • Journeying With Jesus Through Cancer

    Journeying With Jesus Through Cancer

    28 April 2022 – Happy Second Fifth Birthday to Timothy! Ross (Timothy’s Dad) writing – sometimes I need to relay our journey to remind myself of all that we’ve been through, and how thankful we are to still be all together. So this evening I’ve sat down and marked some of the key moments of…

  • Stop Doing That

    Stop Doing That

    Sometimes when God speaks to one person, the Word can speak to many. We received this reflection recently and felt that it was meant for more than the original recipient. So many people are burned out and confused by all that is going in their lives. Perhaps this testimony will help to remind us that…

  • Partnering in Mission

    Partnering in Mission

    How is my life in the world? Alan is an Inspire Missioner and Methodist Minster in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. He sent us this testimony of the remarkable way that God is weaving together opportunities for mission in the neighbourhood. As he says in his introduction (click the button below to watch), “God is doing a…

  • Rooted In…?

    Rooted In…?

    As we walked along the trail at the edge of the forest there were so many huge trees that had been blown down. They had stood tall on the edge of the forest. As the strong winds blew against the giant trunks, and the branches swayed, the roots worked loose and the trees tumbled onto their…

  • Walking With Jesus

    Walking With Jesus

    Recently one Saturday I did a 16km hike on my own in Kerry (Ireland). This was a first for me to hike that distance on my own!  The Lord has been teaching me a lot in recent years since I did a visualization exercise in a bible study group based on John 21 where Jesus asks Simon…

  • Wow! Is He worthy? How could anyone say He is not! 

    Wow! Is He worthy? How could anyone say He is not! 

    “You are off work tomorrow, so you have no excuse!” And she was right – I had no excuse.  My sister had asked me to join them in the hot tub one Wednesday evening for a girly chat with my mum. As my list of reasons for not going were rejected, I relented. It wasn’t the time…

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