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Jesus in the Neighbourhood

One of the rhythms of house fellowship is to be intentional about asking one another how we are on mission with Jesus everyday, both as individuals and as a fellowship together. Out of these conversations arise opportunities to share Jesus. In one of our house fellowships we felt the Lord prompting us to help one of our group in her everyday mission with Jesus as a social/support worker in local schools through which she is able visit and offer practical support to families.

From our home-made Christmas card-carol sheet
Image by Jessica

As we approached Christmas we were prompted to do more than just pray. So one evening in mid-December we bundled everyone into cars and drove into the city to visit with two families. For each family we had a box of gifts and a home-made card and we planned to sing carols, spend a time and pray with them. 

From our home-made Christmas card-carol sheet
image by Jean

At the first home we found ourselves in a small but beautiful apartment, clean and decorated for Christmas. The lady of the home was so thankful for our visit. She told us that she made the place look nice to remind her of the blessings she has in her life. It was a picture of hope and yet the reality of her life was hardship. She had adopted her two siblings as soon as she was old enough to get them out of an abusive situation. She is recently divorced and and navigating custody of her own two children. And the two children who were present on our visit were her brother’s, who is currently in rehab for one last chance to overcome addiction. As we sang the Christmas carols and spent time with her, she was weeping and telling us that no-one had ever done such a thing for her. As our time together came to an end, we prayed and declared the hope of Jesus over her. Jesus was right there in that home. In the hurt, and in the hope, Jesus made himself fully present.

The second home was of another broken family. But it looked quite different. As we stepped over the threshold our hearts broke at the place they were living in. A mother with a new born baby and two school aged children. A proud father who hopelessly tried to shuffle the rubbish around to tidy up. He towered over us with his 7ft presence but as we sang the Christmas carols we saw tears in his eyes. He did not have the words to articulate what was happening. He told us how the care package we had sent when the baby was born a few weeks ago had literally been a life saver as they had nothing ready. As the mother nursed the baby, and our fellowship stood in the crowded space talking and being present for them, the presence of Jesus was evident. We prayed with them and left them with a new hope for Christmas. In the squalor we found so uncomfortable, Jesus made himself right at home. In the hardship, and in the joy on their faces, Jesus made himself fully present. 

The Word became flesh and blood,
and moved into the neighbourhood.

John 1:14 MSG

From our home-made Christmas card-carol sheet
image by Cadence

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