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Journey of Life on Mission

In our last update, we expressed the challenge of maintaining endurance in this journey of ministry and in our own lives – as it is all so deeply entwined.  It was encouraging to look back at this, because since then God in his kindness has provided us real moments of direction, clarification, and encouragement that have given us a lot of joy and provided us with a fresh feeling of purpose and urgency here.  

In April, Anthony had the opportunity to be the speaker at a weekend retreat in Kentucky for college students. Anthony expressed seeing God through his preparation for this retreat, as well as seeing the huge need for God in these students lives, and being able to be a part of them having real encounters with the Holy Spirit.  

Anthony has also joined a network of pastors called the Sanctification Network.  He attended a gathering of all of these pastors together this month for a time of fellowship, prayer, and worship.  We are looking forward to being part of a time that can provide guidance and support not just in our ministry, but in our lives, and help us on this journey of church planting.  

We are giving thanks:

  • A prayer group started by members of our church at work in a corporate setting. We are excited to see what God does through this group! 
  • We now have every member of our church in a fellowship band! 
  • Giving thanks for the inspiration God gave Anthony as he prepared for speaking at the student retreat.

We need prayer for: 

  • God’s protection over us and the members of our community.  We are seeing and experiencing a lot of spiritual warfare in this season and attempts from the enemy to thwart the work God is doing.
  • Anthony and I are praying for “harvesters” who can come along side us and help lead our ministry in St. Louis.
  • Praying that God would bring people to each of us that need community and are hungry for him.

Kylie and Anthony, Inspire Church Planters in St Louis, MO, USA

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