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Living Prophetically: Seeing with God’s Eyes, Living in Creative and Imaginative Ways

Three weeks of reflections and questions on Zechariah, written by Cath Hill, Lead Missioner for Inspire Prayer.

(week one appears in the September Inspire Prayer Bowl: https://inspiremovement.org/prayer-bowl-sept-2017/)

WEEK ONE – Introduction

Day One: Being Prophetic

Being prophetic means being filled with the Spirit and being imaginative. What difference does it make when we are filled with the Spirit? In what ways can you use your imagination? Take a moment now to stop and be still. Ask God to fill you with his Spirit today and to expand your imagination in new ways.

Day Two: God’s good future

Zechariah is full of visions and pictures of the way God sees a good future for mankind. Imagine what that good future might look like. What do you see? Zechariah is also about how God sees some of the pain and struggle we face in our present day living. Ask God to show you where he is in that struggle.

Day Three: Small beginnings

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.” (Zech 4:10) Zechariah is a book all about the Holy Spirit and what it means to be anointed. God puts gifts and creativity in all of us but we ca sometimes limit our expectations of how God wants to use those things. What might your ‘small beginnings’ be?

Day Four: All generations

“I will pour out my Spirit on all people” – sons, daughters, young, old, men, women, servants, kings. Are you being filled with the Holy Spirit? What are the gifts God has given you? Ask God to show you what he sees and let him speak through your imagination and creativity.

Day Five: By my Spirit

“It is not by force nor by strength, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies (Zechariah 4:6) We cannot do anything for God unless we do it by his Spirit. Living prophetically is not about us but about God at work in us by his Spirit. How might this truth change the way you see your ‘small beginnings’?


Day One: Chapter 1:v1-6

God’s plan for us is to walk closely with him and he always longs for us to return to him when we stray away. (v2) Are you walking close or have you strayed away from closeness with God? Hear God’s words to you in verse 2 at the start of this week.

Day Two: Chapter 1 v7-11

Jesus and the rule of God is still in the earth despite all the stress and trouble. Can you see where God is at work? Read v 8-10 again. What might the horses in the vision represent? Why does God sometimes choose to speak to us through visions?

Day Three: Chapter 1 v12-13

There are times when we need to hear God’s kind and comforting words.(v13) Think back to a time when God spoke comfort in order to strengthen you. What verses has God put on your heart for you to draw on in times of need? Pause and reflect.

Day Four: Chapter 1v14-17

God is establishing his kingdom and reign on the earth. (v16) The measuring line in v16 is a symbol of restoration. Where are the places that need God’s restoration stretched over them? Pray and ask for eyes to see where God is at work.

Day Five: Chapter 1 v18-21

What are your gifts? Craftsmen (v21) are those who are open to living creatively and imaginatively in order to help bring God’s rule and reign to the broken places. Do you believe that God can use you and your gifts even in the face of opposition? (v21)

WEEK 3: Leading in the Holy Spirit’s power

Day One: Chapter 4 v1-5

What do you see? God sees everything throughout the world (v10) and we get to see with him because he fills us with his Holy Spirit. The bowl (v2) holds a reservoir of oil, constantly filled in abundance. Do you need to be filled with the Spirit today?

Day Two: Chapter 4 v6-8

“Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit” – What is the ‘mighty mountain’ (v7) in your life or in the world around you? Ask for faith so that the Holy Spirit can flatten those obstacles.

Day Three: Chapter 4 v9-14

God promises that Zerubbabel will complete the work he has started. The temple will be built because God is in the rebuilding. What is the ‘small thing’ that God has started in you? Do not despise what is significant in God’s eyes.

Day Four: Chapter 2 v1-5

What does the word ‘rule’ mean to you? God calls us to use our gifts to rule; to help him define his kingdom, bring justice, to plan and make things happen (v2-5).  How might this look in your life, community, town? Ask for eyes to see as God sees.

Day Five: Chapter 6 v9-15

This passage is a beautiful picture of the way that God anoints his people to rule. It is also a picture of Jesus’ rule, the ultimate king clothed with majesty. Take some time to worship and honour the King today.



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“I have been so blessed in prayer band, its hard to think how my Christian life progressed before I had this support, encouragement and missional mindset.” Enniskillen, 2017

“Thanks so much for the teaching sessions this year. I found them inspirational and I love the discussion format – it really engages those present, and we learn so much more than listening to a talk. It is one of the few places that ministers get “fed” and so is very valuable to us”

“From the Inspire sessions, I have being trying to practice the Presence of God in a more consistent way and am slowly improving! I have found this good, and I am so reminded of His presence during the day and at the end of the day. I am much more aware of the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

“I feel more confident in who I am as a Christian but also as a leader in Christian ministry.”

Our Learning Community became a time of blessing when we were challenged to recognise and accept the missional presence of God in our lives, and to consider the practical implication of the great commission directives for our group as a mission base. Mitchelstown, 2017

“I have been helped (by Inspire) to practice God’s presence more intentionally in my everyday life and seeing God at work to pray and see answers to pray and see God working in the lives of those I come across in my daily life and in the life of the other participants.” Belfast, 2017

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“No matter how tired I have been going to these sessions I have always come away spiritually encouraged, refreshed and enthused to continue on in God’s mission wherever I am.”

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