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Meeting With Jesus

One Sunday morning we were focusing on listening prayer. If you have ever tried sitting still with young children, let alone listening to Jesus, then you will know it can be a challenge. Although I think in the fast paced world we live in, it is often as hard for adults to sit still as it is for children! 

We have a little rhythm we use every Sunday when we have quiet time with the children in a separate space at our house fellowship. It helps us to be still with Jesus. Here is how it went on this Sunday…

First we lay out a mat that is covered in hearts. We remembered that we love Jesus and he loves us with so much love that we have plenty to share.

Then we placed a candle (in a jar) in the middle of the mat and sat down. We put Jesus in the centre of our circle because we want him to be the centre of our thoughts.

Next we lit the candle. One of the children spoke without being prompted and told us that the light is Jesus who wants to shine into our hearts. 

We sat very still because we want Jesus to shine brightly. And we want to stay safe!! 

As we sat looking at the candle we read a story book about the Lord’s Prayer. And then we prayed the prayer together and sat quietly for just a moment longer. Jesus was so present we could feel his peace. 

Then we carefully blew out the candle and said thank you to Jesus.

This candle light is gone but your light Jesus never goes out. Jesus, lead me to the Father’s embrace. Father, fill me with your Holy Spirit. Spirit, empower me to follow Jesus more closely every day. Amen. (Prayer from the Advent devotional: Countdown to Christmas with Jesus, rev. ed. Tabitha Heathcote, Inspire Movement Publishing, 2022)

The paper and crayons came out next and we drew what we felt Jesus has been saying. 

It is always remarkable the way Jesus makes himself known through the little children.

And his presence brings peace. 

Nanna Sam is very blessed to be learning how to be closer to Jesus by sitting at his feet in the company of children.

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