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Minister’s Summer School

In June Phil and Samantha gathered with 30 pastors from the Church of the Nazarene in the British Isles to lead their Summer School. Using our Inspire teaching on Missional Discipleship and Fellowship we integrated worship, prayer, teaching, ministry and meeting in fellowship bands. And Jesus was present and speaking in our midst.

On the first day we introduced Inspire and then asked people to move into groups of three with people who they did not know so well. These small groups became their bands for the remainder of the Summer School. We spent the first session thinking about how we listen to God and then practicing in band.

The second and third day we journeyed through teaching on missional discipleship and fellowship bands.

We paused for an evening session at a local Nazarene Church where we had worship, ministry with laying on of hands and sharing in band how the Lord was challenging us in our own discipleship.

We concluded the three days with communion and a time of sharing in band how the Lord was leading us into our ministry contexts from what we had experienced during the three days.

And we were so thankful for the power of prayer at work through the participants and the Inspire Prayer Group. Phil started with virus of some kind the morning the Summer School began. It affected his voice and for the next three days his teaching, worship leading, prayers and ministry were all delivered by the grace of God and the power of prayer.

As if that was not challenging enough the temperatures in Didsbury. Manchester (where we were) topped 27c for 2 of the 3 days. For those of you outside the UK you need to know that such temperatures are rare, we do not have air conditioning and most buildings are designed to keep heat in. We were thankful for the nudge of the Spirit who told us a head of time to BYOF (bring your own fan!); for the patience of all the participants to endure the hot temperatures; and for the power of prayer so that the fire of the Spirit was hotter than the weather!

Please pray that the seeds planted will root well and grow to fruitfulness in these pastors lives and in their local contexts. 

If you are interested in inviting Inspire Missioners to come and lead in person training or a retreat, or to help you think about how Inspire may be able to help in your context, then get in touch. Contact us HERE.

Phil and Samantha Meadows are Inspire Missioners who work internationally to equip and train missional disciples.

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