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Missional Mentoring

Inspire Missioners often mentor bands for a season and then step out so that they go on to mentor more bands. But ‘stepping out’ is not as easy as it sounds. 

Here is one testimony of mentoring for missional multiplication! Click the button below to read the whole story. 

“I had been in a Fellowship Band for over two years when I began to feel God nudging me that I needed to think about releasing myself from it. I couldn’t quite make sense of it and why God might be asking this. 

I shared in our Band how I was feeling. It was not easy as God had drawn us closely together. But as we prayed for discernment over the next few weeks, God worked in our hearts to see this as an opportunity and even raised up a potential new member! 

My friends were nervous about the next step but in faith began a new experimental band! I too began a new Band in a mentoring role.

We recently met back up together to see how things were going. They shared such encouraging testimony of how God had been blessing each of them in their new Band and I too had been blessed in mentoring my new Band. It was exciting to hear what new things God was doing with all of us!

Here was God’s true purpose. Being released from Band released each of us into new challenges and God equipped us with gifts and skills we maybe didn’t realise we had! It took each of us individually and as a Band together to take a step of faith and trust Him. 

It can be hard to move out of a Fellowship Band but being missional is the heartbeat of discipleship. In God’s perfect timing, releasing me from the Band enabled my friends to also be released into God’s new missional purposes for them! In the releasing God brought multiplication of Bands and blessings!

If you would like to know more about Fellowship bands, and/or connect with an Inspire Missioner to help you get startedcontact us. 

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