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Core Team USA

David Hull

David Hull

Director, Core Team USA

David currently works as a facilitator for the RZIM Academy, helping to oversee all of the online apologetics training for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. For the last 10 years, he has served in various leadership capacities within the local church with the following emphases: prayer ministry, healing ministry, evangelism, pastoral ministry (including preaching/teaching, discipleship), and college ministry. See below for more about David!

Brian Yeich

Brian Yeich

Chair, Core Team USA

Brian works as Assistant Provost and Affiliate Professor at Asbury Theological Seminary, and has over 6 years in theological education leadership. He is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, Louisiana Conference. See below for more about me!

Phil Meadows

Phil Meadows


Phil is a co-founder and International Director of the Inspire Movement. He has a background in theological education and training for church leadership, having served on the faculties of Westminster College (Oxford), Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (Chicago, USA), and Cliff College (Derbyshire). He remains a Senior Research Fellow at Nazarene Theological College (Didsbury, Manchester) and is currently Professor of Evangelism Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary (Wilmore, KY, USA). His teaching, research and writing interests are in the areas of discipleship, evangelism and mission; and is a specialist in Wesleyan spirituality and the early Methodist movement.

Samantha Meadows

Missioner, Inspire Movement Administrator

Samantha is co-founder of the Inspire Movement. She serves as the Administrator of the Inspire Movement, working from her desks in the UK and USA, and sometimes coffee shops in between! She is usually the first point of contact for people connecting with Inspire, and helps to coordinate and resource the various Teams and Missioners across the Movement.

Steven Bruns


Steve is ordained in the Free Methodist Church, and is Chair of Ministry and Theology Department, Central Christian College, Kansas.

Frank Coats


Frank is Pastor of Lake Houston United Methodist Church.

Stephanie Harris


Anthony and Kylie Watts

Missioner, Interns

Anthony and Kylie are interning with Inspire for 2018-19.

More About Brian

Brian’s passion is helping people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ whether it is in the context of the community, the local church, or the academy. As an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, Louisiana Conference, he has pastored in both large and small congregations as well as a church re-start. Brian currently serves as a Core Team Member and as a Lead Missioner of the Inspire Movement.

Brian has over 6 years in theological education leadership. He completed his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Philip R. Meadows with the University of Manchester/Cliff College in the spring of 2015. Brian’s PhD research focused on the doctrine of Christian perfection and its implications for the theology and practice of evangelism under the title, The Doctrine of Christian Perfection as a Vision for Evangelism. He enjoys tinkering on cars and technology as well as spending time with his children Matt, Daniel, Sarah and his wife, Misty.

More About David

For the last 10 years, David has served in various forms of leadership within the local church with the following emphases: prayer ministry, healing ministry, evangelism, pastoral Ministry (including preaching/teaching, discipleship), and college ministry.  He is currently serving as a facilitator offering oversight for RZIM’s online apologetics academy, working with believers from 50 states and 109 countries as they wrestle with how to communicate the Christian faith winsomely and effectively in the world today. He expresses his passion for robust and redemptive discipleship through developing numerous community small groups for both current church members and among the drug addicts, felons, gang members, and those with mental health challenges with whom he spends his free time.

“My commitment to being an Inspire Missioner is inextricably connected to a deeper commitment to knowing Jesus Christ and making him known. An Inspire Missioner seeks to intentionally pursue a deeper, more intimate knowledge of Jesus in community, and is committed to planting the seeds of this desire and longing in as many places and at as many times as possible. In my mind there is no more fulfilling way to live the rest of my life than to attempt to walk alongside others as we lavish our love on the One who laid down his life in order to restore us to God (1 Pet. 3:18).”