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Prayer Ministry

Click here if you would like to send us a prayer request

Prayer is the breath of Christian discipleship – without it we die! The Inspire Movement was founded in prayer, moves by prayer, and is empowered by prayer. We invite people to join us in praying for Inspire, for our Missioners, for our expanding Inspire family of mission-shaped disciples and, most of all, for the powerful move of the Spirit through the whole of the Inspire Movement. There is a rising sense of the power of prayer, and the possibility of revival. Now is an exciting time to be joining in a prayer movement!

Be a part of the Inspire Prayer Movement!

  • Sign up for the monthly Prayer Bowl for prayer requests, answers to prayer, insights and inspiration: click here to subscribe to the Inspire Prayer Bowl and/or click here to see our Prayer Bowl archive
  • Join our Inspire Prayer group on Signal Messenger where we share regular requests for prayers, insights, scripture and prayer. For details contact [email protected] or send a Signal message to: +44 7910016776.
  • Share with us any wisdom, words of knowledge or prophecy, suggestions for prayers and praying, or anything else you feel the Lord might have to say to Inspire. You can share you insights here: [email protected]
  • Be a part of the Inspire Prayer Team. As well as participating on the Signal group, the prayer team have access to our prayer board where we make a note of our prayers and answers to prayer; they meet occasionally in an online ‘face2face’ group; they receive specific requests that we cannot share more widely; and they help us to keep prayer at the top of the agenda! If you’d like to join in the Prayer Team contact us: [email protected]
  • You can contact our Prayer Team here: [email protected]