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An Inspire Creed

Inspire is seeking to be a movement of Jesus-shaped and Spirit-filled disciples, caught up in the adventure of God’s mission to the world.

What We Are Aiming For

We are people who want to abide deeply in God’s presence: to walk more intimately with Jesus in ordinary life; to feel the impulses of his Spirit in everyday moments; to become more like him in heart and life. And we are people who want to live missionally in the world: to be filled with God’s love, and share it with our neighbours; to delight in the gospel, and become fearless witnesses; to live abundantly, and to see others blessed around us. The Inspire Movement is about mission spirituality: being people who are transformed by grace from the inside-out; and being used by God to change the world, in simple words and loving deeds.

What We Are Expecting to See

We believe that the mission of God is advanced through ordinary people when they are filled, transformed and overflowing with love of God and neighbour. We believe that the local church is renewed when its members seek to be authentic disciples in the midst of everyday life. We believe that leaders who make disciples are those who take care of their own discipleship, and live as examples and mentors for others. And we believe that the kingdom comes in our neighbourhoods, when our churches become communities of mission-shaped disciples. The Inspire Movement is committed to developing mission-shaped disciples in the leadership and life of the church.

What We Are Committed To Do

We are committed to pursuing this mission spirituality, and mission-shaped discipleship, as a ‘way of life’ with four key practices: seeking growth in God’s love; using spiritual disciplines as a means of grace; sharing deep fellowship to keep one another on track; and engaging life as everyday missionaries. We are committed to meeting regularly in very small groups of three or four spiritual friends, called fellowship bands, for mutual accountability and spiritual direction. The Inspire Movement offers training in all these practices of discipleship, so that we may learn what kind of people God has called us to be, seek it for all we are worth in the church, and live it out in the ordinary flow of daily life.