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Rhythm of Discipleship

The heartbeat of Inspire is a ‘rhythm of discipleship’ which helps us grow through the ups and downs of daily life.


  • Reflecting. We reflect prayerfully on the way of life in the context of daily life, under the prayerful guidance of the Spirit. Some may prefer to set aside a particular time to pray through the whole way of life at once. Others may prefer to pray through some part of it each day.
  • Relating. The way of life forms the basis for mutual accountability and spiritual direction in band meetings. As a result of personal reflection, we come prepared to share aspects of our discipleship, and to seek the discernment of others. Sharing naturally leads to offering spiritual direction and exercising spiritual gifts.
  • Responding. Our accountability is always to God and with one another. Keeping a journal can be a helpful way of recording what the Spirit says to us through our personal reflection and meeting with others; noting what we have resolved to do, and how we have responded in our lives.