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New House Fellowship Training Cohort

Over the last few years we have increasingly seen the importance of house fellowship as part of the Inspire ecology of fellowships. House Fellowships provide another way of bring people together in spiritual families to watch over one another with love as we help one another to abide deeply with God and live as everyday missionaries in the places God has put us.

As the Movement grows we have been looking at ways to help train more facilitators and mentors for house fellowships. We are developing our House Fellowship Focused Learning Community to do that.

Starting at the beginning of November, Phil and Samantha Meadows, co-founders of Inspire, are mentoring a cohort of four groups of leaders. Each group has two leaders who meet in person and connect via Zoom to a weekly meeting with the cohort. They journey together through the experimental House Fellowship process receiving mentoring each week. At the end of the initial phase each of the groups of two will be inviting people to start an experimental house fellowship in their local context. The cohort will continue to meet with the mentors on a monthly basis for wisdom sharing and accountability. The mentors will also meet each of the house fellowships at last once during the experimental stage.

So far it has been a wonderful experience of enriching fellowship and learning for everyone involved. As we go into the New Year our goal is for each of the groups of leaders to plant their own house fellowship in their local area. We look forward to sharing further testimonies. In the meantime, please be praying for this cohort, for protection over the plans for the new house fellowships and for fruitfulness at every stage of the process.

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