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No Knead Bread

I have always loved making bread by hand. There is something about the process that is therapeutic and steady. It can’t be rushed and needs time, patience and a bit of oomph (unless you use the K-Mix!) I am always amazed that flour, water, yeast and a touch of salt combines to make something so amazingly tasty. But I’ve always struggled to put the effort in or been too busy to activate the yeast, make the dough, knead it, wait for it to prove, knock it back, shape it, wait for it to prove again and then bake it.

Recently I have discovered a recipe for bread that is so simple. It requires no kneading, 1 long slow rise and only 10 mins hands on time!! I now makes it at least twice a week so that we can share bread and ‘wine’ together as communion during meals with friends in fellowship. 

I struck me this morning as I came to put the bread in the oven that we can often think we need to put in a lot of effort and patience and get the conditions just right for our salvation. We need to have done this, or got that sorted, worked out this thing or that situation. In fact…through Jesus dying on the cross it was all done for us. By grace we are freely given what we don’t deserve and the only thing we have to do is receive it.

In ‘the Jesus Storybook Bible’* the last supper is beautifully written. Jesus says:

“My body is like this bread. It will break. 
This cup of wine is like my blood. It will pour out. 
But this is how God will rescue the whole world. 
My body will break and Gods broken world will mend. 
My heart will tear apart – and your hearts will heal” 

A bit like my new recipe, one long awaited rise (Jesus rising from the dead after 3 days) and  no striving, working or pushing on my part and something beautiful happens. Jesus did all the hard work so we could be right with God. All I have to do is accept it. So as we break the bread with friends today I will not only be remembering that Jesus body was broken and torn for me and his blood was poured out to seal the new covenant, I will be remembering that all the hard work was done by Jesus…and all I have to so is accept it.

I feel like all this needs to come with a health warning. Once you know how easy this bread recipe is you will want to make it all the time!! Likewise, once you know how much Jesus has done for you and how easy it is for you to receive that you will want to tell others. It will move you into action, you may well do things you would never have though of because of the gift you have been given. You might start conversations with strangers on a park bench because you want to be part of Gods broken world being mended. You might have unlikely friendships because your heart has been healed and you long for more of that for others. You will become part of Gods plan to rescue the whole world!! Now THAT is worth sharing.

*Jesus Storybook Bible, Sadly Lloyd Jones, Zondervan (2 Feb. 2007)

Rachel is an Inspire Missioner and Prayer Coordinator for the Inspire Movement. 

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