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On Mission with God

I have changed my degree from the Master of Divinity to the Master in Biblical Studies. Essentially, I went from a 5-year, comprehensive pastoral degree to a 3-year, biblically focused degree. I should be graduating May of 2025 (next year!) Now I can focus on learning the biblical languages while still getting to take the core master’s courses.

In addition, I was hired on as a student chaplain for my residence hall next year! As an Inspire Missioner, I was already engaging in ministry on campus; now, I’ll have an official role and a stipend to help cover some of my financial needs. I’m excited for this role and the opportunity to minister to more people.

This semester has flown by. In the midst of it, I went through some trials emotionally. In the midst of those, the Lord and certain friends really anchored me, helping me get through. I chose not to numb the pain I was feeling by distracting myself with pointless things. It hasn’t been easy, but God has been close and continues to comfort and strengthen me.

My ankle has slowly been getting better after my surgery in January, which has been a huge blessing. I’m now able to workout with few restrictions and to put up shots on the basketball court and run around a little bit. Sports have always been a release of stress, a source of joy, and a way to connect with people for me. It’s good to have that back!

I just finished my final paper for my Faith, Wealth, and Poverty class. This was definitely the best class I’ve taken at Asbury! Compared to most classes, this course was very comprehensive; we surveyed the whole Bible on the topics of wealth and poverty, as well as sources from the early church period. If you want to read the final paper. I didn’t touch on all the topics we covered, but I do write a lot about material possessions, wealth, and a Christian’s duty to the poor and vulnerable.

I don’t know what the future holds for me after seminary, but suddenly the end is now coming a lot sooner! I would love to pursue a PhD in theology and have some topics I want to explore this summer that I could write about. I’d also love to continue doing pastoral ministry; I’m open to working for a traditional church or to keep doing ministry in the capacity I have been. I’ll probably end up doing a mix of school and ministry like I am now.

Some recent ministry highlights:

  • The house fellowship group we started on Tuesdays has continued meeting! It’s been a sweet time of fellowship. God has ministered to each of us in that time, and I’m excited to carry it on into the summer.
  • The fellowship bands I’m in have been beacons of light to me in a season that has felt dark at times. I appreciate having these groups to lean on and being able to do the same for them.
  • As part of my Faith and Wealth class, I attended an addiction recovery group (not for anything in particular on my end). In those groups, hearing men share openly about their struggles, most of them with substance abuse, and the ways God was bringing them freedom greatly encouraged me. Being around people who were so honest about their need for God and their brokenness has helped me be more honest with my own constant need for the Lord.
  • In the past few months, I got to facilitate listening prayer sessions with a handful of people. I love seeing people commune with God and find deeper healing in those settings and it always encourages me in my own prayer life!

Denis is an Inspire Missioner based in Wilmore, KY, USA. He is fundraising support for his living costs so that he can continue in ministry with Inspire whilst he is completing his seminary studies.

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