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‘Oops’ to ‘Wow’!

Last week (18 Oct) we made an ‘oops’ in the Beacon of Hope. We added the wrong link for the Sidewalk Prophets song so instead it went to a video of children reading Psalm 23. We sent another email with the correct link. But our ‘oops’ turned into a ministry opportunity! Here’s the testimony we received …

“Your ‘oops’ moment in the Beacon of Hope turned into a ministry opportunity in our community group and also for me throughout the day. On the morning the BoH first arrived, I listened to the Psalm 23 video with my children and they loved it. We ended up doing our thankful pumpkin as a result of it! Then that evening I led our community group through a time of reflection and sharing after watching the video together! Everyone was very touched by the video! We all experienced Jesus as our Shepherd and shared like soul sharing together. It was very deep and healing. Then we all wrote on our thankful pumpkin together also.”

Rachel adds:

This song was shared with me by a friend who used it in an assembly at his local primary school. At the time he was a young guy in his 30s, he was the vicar at the local Anglican Church and his wife had just died unexpectedly and very suddenly leaving him as a single dad to two young boys.

The assembly was at the boys’ school, where my friend’s wife had been quite involved so everyone knew who she was. He started the assembly explaining that his wife had died, that he didn’t know why, that it didn’t feel fair, that he wished she hadn’t, BUT that God never says ‘oops’!!

What an amazing perspective to be able to have! In the midst of grief, when he could have easily hidden away and not faced the hall full of children, my friend decided he wanted to share with them that God has a perfect plan! He never says ‘oops’! He is never caught out! What looks like a mistake to us is not a surprise or shock to God. God can and will work through all situations to bring good to those who love him! 

Be warned…it is a very catchy song and you will find yourself singing it all day…

God never says oops, never slips up
never makes any mistakes.
God never says oops, ‘cause he’s got a perfect plan.
Can he do it? Yes he can!

© Universal Music Publishing

LISTEN to ‘God Never Says Oops’

Rachel is an Inspire missioner in Great Britain, besides listening to worship earworms, she coordinates prayer across the movement and co-directs the GB Core Team.

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