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Out of the Mud

I was working in the garden this week on a patch of newly dug clay dirt. As I was working up and down the place I am going to plant seed, my shoes kept getting heavier and heavier. I looked down and saw that they were thick with mud. And every time I walked more mud got stuck to the mud!

It made me think how sometimes we might not notice something is wrong or out of place in our lives. Gradually it gets to be a heavier and heavier problem. Soon it makes it very difficult to move. We can keep on going and just get more and more weighted down. Or we can pause. We can ask Jesus to help us clean off those things that are troubling us and weighing us down so that we can’t keep up with Him. And Jesus promises that He will lift us up. He desire to set our feet on solid ground and help us to live in the fullness of the hope and joy that he desires for us.

“He brought me up out of the mud and dirt. He set my feet on a rock. He gave me a firm place to stand on.” ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭40:2‬ ‭NIRV‬‬

Lord Jesus, sometimes my life seems very heavy. Help me to see what is sticking to me to weigh me down. Prevent me from moving blindly on and making things even heavier. Show me how to bring those things into your holy presence. If I need my friends to help me, make me bold in inviting them to pray with me. Cleanse me and set me free. Fill me with you Holy Spirit, and help me stand on you, the rock of my salvation. Amen

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