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Persevering in Mission

“Mission matters right now because the world needs Jesus. Bad news in the headlines is nothing new but acts as a constant reminder of the deep divisions, evils and injustices in our society. No political ideology or technological innovation can solve the problem of the core issue: the brokenness of the human heart. We are good news people in a bad news world. And the world starts on our doorsteps, with our friends, neighbours and communities. As we love those who live around us, care for the vulnerable, name-drop Jesus in conversation and invite others to take the next step of faith, we meet the real needs of people who desperately need hope, light and the knowledge of one who is with them on the journey and can bring lasting transformation.”

“Mission is not just a ‘peace-time’ enterprise. Paul’s charge to Timothy is that it is an ‘in season, out of season’ activity (2 Timothy 4:2). And in this season, it still matters. In fact, it probably matters more. Thank you for all you are doing, for every invite, food parcel, livestream, Zoom course, caring phone call and hand-written encouragement. Keep going. As a church, let’s keep mission high on the agenda. As individuals, let’s keep loving our neighbours, extending invitation and living as salt and light. We will get through this. And as we do, let’s keep talking about Jesus and inviting people to the greatest party of all.”

Extract from We go again: why persevering in mission still matters in this season by Phil Knox, head of mission to young adults at the Evangelical Alliance, UK. 

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