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Prayer Points – Feb 2020

The monthly Inspire Prayer Bowl includes wisdom and prayers for the Inspire Way of Life. We will include highlights here on the website, but if you would like more in-depth prayer points, we recommend that you SUBSCRIBE to receive the Prayer Bowl in your email.

Please pray for…

  • Those who are in special need of God’s healing touch and comfort at this time, that the Spirit will bring wholeness and in thereby reveal more of Jesus in people’s lives.
  • Inspire Missioners mentoring fellowship bands, starting house fellowships, networking leaders, and planting churches… and so much more!
  • More regular givers to Inspire so that we can continue to resource and equip Missioners to extend the Movement. We have several Missioners who are trying to raise financial support in order to give their full time to the Inspire Movement.
  • Inspire-OMS (One Mission Society) Learning Community that started with a three day intensive training in January and will be continuing throughout the year. Pray for healthy and fruitful fellowship bands, and a deepening discipleship.
  • Learning Community intensives that will meet in Wilmore through the Spring Semester.
  • The Core Teams in Ireland, England and the USA as they renew vision and make plans for the coming year
  • The new Inspire Scholars group to draw people together who want to deepen their study of discipleship.
  • Our brothers and sisters in China, and all those affected by the coronavirus. The following testimony was received from missionaries that we know who serve in China. The Lord knows their names and hears our prayers…

We decided to leave Xian on 27th January as everything was getting dangerously scary, not only fear of getting the virus while being alone, but the high risks of living in a ghost town. We predicted shops would not open as usual, and poor management would put him at high risk. The city was soon to be on lock down which it now is, so we felt it was safer to return to our home country. For everyone to be told to stay indoors indefinitely was mentally impossible to endure. Nobody visited anybody for fear and they were actually ordered not to. When we did go to the shops that were still open, everyone was wearing masks but many had sniffles and some would remove their mask to cough and sneeze into the open air. (By the way, the air was almost unbreathable due to the pollution).
Our biggest concern and something to pray about is the fact that inspite of the severe lockdown which is helping to contain the virus, China is telling the world it is still safe to send their citizens as normal. But many countries are wisely saying come out, which is sensible not only because of the virus, but because society is not allowed to function and medical supplies and food stocks are low.
At the moment, China is an extremely dangerous place to be, and we feel nothing positive can be achieved by us being there as even small gatherings are banned, and we doubt our places of work will be functioning anyway.
We been staying with a relative and put ourselves in voluntary isolation although the criteria did not require us to.
There are so many things to be learnt from this – for China to learn, for the WHO to learn, and the people of China. We worry so much that lessons will still not be learnt, putting the citizens of China in danger again.
Thanks for your prayers.

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