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Prayer Points – Nov/Dec 2019

The monthly Inspire Prayer Bowl includes wisdom and prayers for the Inspire Way of Life. We will include highlights here on the website, but if you would like more in-depth prayer points, we recommend that you SUBSCRIBE to receive the Prayer Bowl in your email.

Please pray for…

Inspire Missioners mentoring fellowship bands, starting house fellowships, networking leaders, and planting churches… and so much more!

More regular givers to Inspire so that we can continue to resource and equip Missioners to extend the Movement. We have several Missioners who are trying to raise financial support in order to give their full time to the Inspire Movement.

Inspire at Cliff College, England, where Missioners are leading a learning community and planting fellowship bands.

New Inspire house fellowships starting in various places.

The Learning Community meeting in Wilmore through the Fall Semester.

The Core Teams in Ireland, England and the USA meeting to envision for Inspire in their respective regions.

Plans for regional Missioner Gatherings in 2020 to equip, train ad support Missioners for the growing Movement.

Those who are in special need of God’s healing touch and comfort at this time, that the Spirit will bring wholeness and in the process reveal more of Jesus in people’s lives.

Protection over what the Lord is doing in and through Inspire. We are not unaware of the devil’s schemes. There are a lot of very significant spiritual battles raging over and around Inspire. The Lord knows the specifics but here are a few broad ideas of the many things we know people are facing: 

  • significant prayer covering warriors with seriously ill family
  • Missioners under attack from evil speaking and false accusations
  • inhospitable persons in places where there should be people of peace
  • joy-sapping anxieties
  • tragedy and loss
  • mean spirits where there should be generosity
  • Missioners unable to give time to inspire because of serious health issues themselves and/or in their families
  • a poverty in giving which makes it harder to raise financial support
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