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Prayers of the Pray-ers

Sometimes it is hard to know what to pray and it can be helpful to use words that have been given in the Spirit by others. Here are a few such prayers that have been shared with us

“Father we come before you only because our Saviour made it possible. We give thanks for healing & pray that spirits be quickened with the light of life, Jesus. May hard & hurting hearts be nourished by His love & may the children be blessed through their heavenly Father. As dark days draw on & anniversaries approach may the memory of God’s goodness discovered through loved ones sustain & strengthen all. Amen” 

“Thank you Jesus that you are the Son of God, the King of kings and God of gods. Thank you Jesus that you are powerful and strong. Thank you Jesus that your work on the cross has and can redeemed all of our sins away. We renounce all of the sins that we ourselves, our family and ancestors had committed and against your will. In the name of Jesus we turn away from all of these sins and turn back to you, our Saviour. In the name of Jesus we cut off all the chains of sins, up rooted, separated, delivered  from the power of evil, of the satan. We declare victory over them by the power of our Lord.” 

“Praying for Holy Spirit’s  powerful movement and for protection from the darkness that the enemy tries to spread!  Work Holy Spirit!!!”

“May each of us, in the situations we face and the places we find ourselves remember the Lords unfailing love, all He has done for us. May we lean on Him to show us the way, trust Him for each day as it comes, shelter us and be with us in the storms and lead us forward each day on the firmest footing we have, Jesus Christ himself.” 

“Lord, we will yield our lives to You. Fill us today with Your presence. Give us life—abundant life—to live for You. Amen.” 

“All Powerful God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; we pray you heal those we have named, use us to witness to Your love, protect us all from the evil one. Enlarge Your Kingdom!!! Amen!!”

“God is big enough and wonderful enough to care and look after all experiencing turbulence and unrest in His creation – may we know his grace, power, peace, love and joy – and share it with others who need to hear a good word!”

“May the God of Shalom shower you with peace and love. God the Father knows your pain and grief; may you know his loving arms supporting you in this time.”

“May the Lord of healing have His hand over each of your family in their needs. May the Lord move in medics hearts to bring breakthrough for answers. May you know the prayers of this Community raising you up and giving you strength in His name for each new day. May you each know His peace and His presence and focus on that truth amidst the storm.”

Do you have a prayer you would like to share with us? Something that you would like us to pray about? An answer to prayer? We believe in the power of prayer, written and spoken, and we would love to hear from you: [email protected]

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