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Rain or Shine… Stepping Out In Faith

Have you ever left the house to do a number of errands and seemingly everything goes wrong? 

I went to surprise someone with a bunch of flowers recently. It is someone who is shielding because of the pandemic so I knew I would be on the drive saying ‘Hello’. As I left home and got in the car to go and buy the flowers the heavens truly opened and it poured it down with rain!! The kind of big raindrops that drum on the roof of the car and even with the wipers on as fast as they go you can’t quite see where your going! It did not let up for a minute and I have to confess my heart sank and I wondered why I was doing this.

But as I drove over to their house the rain stopped. The sky brightened a little and then I spotted a bit of blue sky, then a lot of blue sky. Eventually the sky was completely clear and the sun was shining so brightly I was hunting for my sunglasses to drive. I couldn’t help but smile and say, “Ok God, I get it!” 

At that precise moment, as if to make His point even more clearly, the song came on in the car that I love. It is by David Crowder and is called ‘let it rain’. The first line says, “Is there anybody’s sunshine, been turned to rain? Is there anybody’s blue sky, turned out grey?”

Admittedly my situation was the reverse of that but the point of the song is that the same God that sends the sunshine is the same God who sends the rain. We can’t trust the things we see because God is at work in the background, constantly acting in all situations to bring glory to His name. I could easily have given up and gone home when it started to pour it down but I would then have deprived a number of people of a big blessing, including myself!

What is God asking you to do which feels like your setting out into the rain? How might God turn that situation to sunshine? I challenge you now to step out and do it – knowing that the same God who made the sunshine is the same God who knows your name. And He won’t let you down. 

Rachel is and Inspire Missioner and Prayer Coordinator for the Inspire Movement.

Click HERE to listen to ‘Let it Rain’

Is there anybody’s sunshine

Been turned to rain

Is there anybody’s blue sky

Been turned to gray

Is there anybody’s good time

Turned out real bad

Is there anyone’s happiness 

Turned out sad

And I know I can’t trust in the things that I see 

All I know, He’s at work and He’s working on me

So let it rain, let it pour

Lord, I need You more and more

Let it rain, rain down on me

Every day, whatever You want

Not my will but Yours, Lord

Let it rain, rain down on me

Is there anybody’s mountain 

Too tall to climb 

Is there anybody’s faith feel

Like you’re running dry

Let me tell you, He’s able, He’s done it for me

He can make every mountain, He’ll throw that mountain into the sea

Yeah, the same God who brought the sunshine

Is the same one who brings the rain

Yeah, the same God who made the sun shine

Is the same one who knows my name

So let it rain if You want

You are God and I am not

Let it rain, rain down on me

Every day whatever You want

Not my will but Yours, Lord

Let it rain, rain down on me

I know my God is working on me

Let it rain, rain down on me

David Crowder, Let It Rain (Is There Anybody) © 2019 Capitol Christian Music Group, Inc.
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