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It’s a lie you have to do this on your lonesome, 
Neither looking to the left nor to the right. 
It’s not your strength that’s made the path before you, 
‘Cause from the start I have never left your side. 

And when you’re on the stage acting out, 
I see through your disguise. 
If only you could stop and see yourself, 
Through the Father’s eyes.

Jesus makes you
Lovely, Oh so lovely; 
Holy, Oh so Holy; 
Righteous, oh so righteous; 
You have been redeemed. 

Jesus makes you
Peaceful, Oh so peaceful;
Patient, Oh so patient;
Kind, filled with kindness;
You have been redeemed. 

You can try and count the reasons I can’t love you, 
Overwhelming and obscure as they may be.
Come and stand beside the ocean of my mercy.
As I cast all of your reasons in the sea.

The amount of sin you think you have
Is incomparable to me.
The amount of love I have for you 
Will completely set you free.

Jesus makes you 
Faithful, oh so faithful;
Gentle, oh so gentle;
Joyful, oh so joyful;
You have been redeemed. 

Jesus makes you 
Worthy, oh so worthy;
Temperate, oh so temperate;
Good, filled with goodness; 
You have been redeemed. 

© William Mansfield, 2020

William has recently been prompted by the Holy Spirit to review words that that the Lord has given him for songs. And they are working on them together! When he shared them at an Inspire House Church recently, we asked him if we could share them with you, even though they are not yet perfected. We hope the words will bless you.

William also recorded them on Youtube so you can hear him sing them here: REDEEMED

You can read more of William’s songs here:

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