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Reflecting on Walls!

Today I had a rare few undistracted moments as I walked back from the garage along the canal. It was a wonderful time of prayer, and adoration of the beautiful world that God created.

As I walked alongside the walls that rise above the canal, I was struck by the amazing way that they had been put together. How something with so many cracks could be so strong!

Within the next section of wall wild flowers and weeds were growing. Such beautiful colours breaking up the greys and browns of the wall. An incredible structure made more beautiful!

Then the next section of wall was so covered with growth you couldn’t see the wall underneath at all!

I was captivated by so many different illustrations that these 3 walls brought to mind for our relationship with God. Thoughts of how we were created to be creative and how nothing can stop the glory of God transforming what we create. No matter how many cracks we have, God puts us back together. Against all odds he makes us strong. And then he clothes us in Christ and makes us even more beautiful!

Look around you. What do you see? Let God reveal his love to you. What is he saying to you?

Tabitha is an Inspire Missioner in England

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