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Register a Band

Use this form to register your group as an Inspire band.

You should register if:

  • You have a group of at least three people who are ready to form a new band from scratch; or
  • You have already been meeting as a group and would like to register formally as a band in the Inspire Movement

Make sure you are all set to take up the personal commitments of being a wayfarer.

Inspire is a self-supporting charitable organisation entirely dependent upon the financial generosity of our participants. We recommend a one-time donation of £20 upon registering your band to help us cover the costs of sending a resource pack to each member of your band. Some bands may already have printed resources and prefer not receive a full pack. However, we hope that you would still consider making a donation towards the cost of our ongoing production of printed resources. We hope that as part of your accountability as a band you will regularly review the commitments of being a Wayfarer and, in particular, support the Inspire Movement financially, as you are able, through one-off gifts or a donation.

Your donation for band registration, or at any time, can be made online by clicking here (or visiting the giving link on the left of the screen). You can also request us to contact you about alternative methods of payment through the form below. If you pay UK tax we can benefit from gift aid. Please contact us for a form: giving@inspiremovement.org

One member of the band should be designated as the ‘coordinator’, who becomes the main point of contact within the Movement.

Please enter the details of your coordinator and other band members. A band usually has 3 or 4 members in total.  In order to enter the details of any additional members, please use the additional notes box at the end of the form.