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The Inspire Movement has many resources to help you with Fellowship Band and House Fellowship, as well as resources for Missional Discipleship and Learning Communities. Many of them are available through the Inspire Bookstore, some are on Kindle and a few are offered as downloads. We make our resources available at minimal, or no cost, and welcome conversations about how to use the resources in local contexts.

How to access our resources:

  • Key resources available for purchase through our bookstore here. Click on the highlighted titles below for previews and purchase information.
  • You can find select resources for download by clicking here.
  • Registering with the Inspire Movement as an Explorer will open up more information on the website to help get you started, and connect you with an Inspire Missioner.
  • When you start the process of engaging with Inspire ministry with the help of a Missioner, such as planting a Fellowship Band or House Fellowship, you will be guided to relevant resources and shown how to use them.
  • The School of Discipleship has many online courses that focus on the Inspire resources and provide opportunities for learning and growing in fellowship.
  • As you press in deeper with the Inspire vision, our Missioners can supply you with many additional resources.
  • Church leaders who want to multiply this ministry in the local church can get access to a variety of Leader’s Guides.

Missional Discipleship

Fellowship Bands

House Fellowships

  • House Fellowship: A Quick Guide
  • Exploring Missional Community: study series
  • Inspire Practices for Missional House Fellowships
  • Biblical Principles for Missional Communities

Learning Community

Learning Communities are available as online courses through the Inspire School of Discipleship.

  • Introduction to Missional Discipleship
  • Introduction to Fellowship bands
  • Skills of Spiritual Conversation
  • Listening Prayer
  • Discipleship as a Way of Life
  • Biblical Principles for Missional Communities
  • Discipling Children in our Midst
  • Mission-Shaped Practices
  • House Fellowship Cohort
  • Church Planting Cohort
  • Inspire Scholars

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