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The Inspire Movement has many resources to help you with Fellowship Band and House Fellowship, as well as resources for Missionary Discipleship and Learning Communities. Many of them are available to download, and some are also offered in print. Wherever possible, we make our resources available at little, or no cost.

The resources available through the website are currently being updated and may not be available to download at this time.

Please contact us if you would like to be connected to an Inspire Missioner who can help you access the resources: [email protected]

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Inspire Resources

Missionary Discipleship

  • Way of Life Bookmark
  • Daily Prayer for Mission-Shaped Disciples
  • Preaching Inspire: Intro + Four preaching outlines for the Way of Life
  • The Discipline of Fasting
  • Making Disciples That Renew The Church
  • Wesleyan DNA of Discipleship
  • Remembering our Baptism: Discipleship and Mission in the Wesleyan Spirit
  • Prophecy for Anyone

Fellowship Bands

  • Forming a Fellowship Band
  • Way of Life Bookmark
  • Meeting as a Fellowship Band
  • Way Into: series of four sessions as a step by step guide for fellowship bands
  • Commitment Card: the commitments of a Fellowship Band
  • Way of Life Booklet: questions for reflection
  • Band Practice: a brief introduction
  • First Steps for Fellowship Bands: quick guide to starting a fellowship band
  • Leaders Guide to Fellowship Bands
  • Leadership Guide: Starting Fellowship Bands in the Church
  • Leadership Guide: Pressing In To Fellowship Bands

House Fellowships

  • Quick Guide to Missional House Fellowship
  • Exploring Missional Community: study series
  • Inspire Practices for Missional House Fellowships
  • Biblical Principles for Missional Communities

Learning Community

  • Discipleship as a Way of Life
  • Fellowship Bands
  • Disciple-Making Leadership
  • Missional Communities