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Seeking God: Praise and Worship

When sin entered the world Satan moved in to take control and God said My spirit shall not strive and remain with man forever because he is sinful, corrupt and given to sensual appetites (Gen 6:3 AMP). God stopped governing mankind. Does that mean we have no access to God?! Absolutely not!! We can seek God in all sorts of ways. One sure fire way of giving God back control of our lives and hearths is real worship. That doesn’t have to mean corporate sung worship but authentic, intentional, whole life worship!

Psalm 22:3 says But you [God] are holy, enthroned in the praises of Israel (NKJV). When we choose to praise and worship God we are acknowledging His supreme authority in heaven and bringing it down to earth. In heaven God has constant praise and worship from all the angels. Why would He want to leave heaven to be part of our praises?! Because of His GREAT LOVE for us!!

We are broken, faltering, anxious, distracted, fearful and absent minded. Yet when we truly worship God with our lives and hearts he comes down to earth. He doesn’t come down begrudgingly to perch on a chair in the corner…He dwells, resides, remains even abides with us. He is enthroned by our praise.

Elevation Worship beautifully captures this in their song ‘Here Below’. The first verses say this:

We are an altar of broken stones,
but you delight in our offering.
You have the heavens to call your home,
but you abide in the song we sing.
Ten thousand angels surround your throne,
to bring you praise that will never cease.
But hallelujah from here below,
is still your favourite melody.

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